My name is Al Soloman Trotman, I was born in Stubbs, a village located on the south eastern side of St.Vincent. I was always involved in music for as long as I can remember. During the 80s, I sang in the Mt.Coke Methodist Church choir and was a member of a trio called Cealsyl.

I also represented part of the St.Vincent Boys Grammar School at the National Reggae Festival between 1984-85. I was always inspired by Artists such as Bob Marley, David Hinds,Jacob Miller,Johnny Clark,cMinni Repreton, and Nat King Cole  just to name a few.


playing for the soul

In the 90s, I was grateful to have the experience to host many stage shows which featured popular Reggae artists from Jamaica, such as “Terry Ganzie,Tony Rebel, Half Pint, Pinchers, Sluggy Ranks, Culture, Beres Hammond, Lady Saw, General Degree, Red Rat, Morgan Heritage, Bennie Man, Merciless Bush Man, Bounty Killa and many others.

coming to america

I migrated to the USA in 2002, After leaving Teachers’ College. I continued my vocal journey as a freelance  lead vocalist for various cover bands, including the “Ink band” and “Majestic Band.” 

During my time with the Majestic Band  I performed at Stephen TalkHouse in Amagansett East Hampton, where I’ve opened up for “Third World,The Wailers,Slick Rick,Yellow man,Collie Buds and many others.

prepare and perform

I’ve been performing at local venues around New York ever since, including Footprints restaurant in Coney Island Brooklyn, Hurricane Harrys,Tropiks EB Elliots  and Hudson’s at Freeport every Summer for the past 10 yrs. This was the experience that led me to create a cover band that I would be happy to lead and manage on my own. I created the Kings Hill Reggae band, which I am currently the lead Vocalist and leader. 

In February 2016, I recorded my first original song titles “Smile” for which is on the Love Supreme album composed of various artists on Blackmountain records.

recording records

Just last year 2019, I did a cover of “let’s straighten it out”originally done by Benny Latimore for Altiff records, and I’ve since released “We the People” co-produced with Nicholas Baptiste and written by yours truly. Latest Single is a testament to all my knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my life and my career in music. I know that my listeners will be able to understand what messages and meanings I am trying to convey based on my story. I know that as we continue to grow together we will create the changes that we wish to see and I hope my music will inspire all people to do the same.  

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